Urban Off The Grid

What can Urban Off grid do for you?

Independence by adding a Battery System
The grid will still be there. You just won’t need it. Many have reported zero grid off-take since their system was installed. Some of these people own electric cars and have not spent a dime on fuel either. The ability to produce all of the energy that you consume is a very real possibility.

Regular grid-tied solar installs are shut down when the grid fails. Adding a battery gives you energy independence.

Off-grid housing is almost always relegated to remote areas due to strict urban building codes. Owners of more conventional city dwellings simply cut the cord. There are already a lot of different ways to go off-grid in the city and seek a more sustainable way of life without giving up community and convenience. From rooftop structures and mobile housing to entirely new self-powered city blocks, these solutions work within cities that already exist rather than envisioning expensive futuristic eco-cities from the ground up.