Solar Buy, Loan or Lease

Buy a Solar Power System

1) No Monthly Payment except small usage fee to utility company for servicing
2) Instant electricity savings, usually 90% plus from current electric bill
3) Federal and Arizona state Tax credits
4) Potential to increase home’s resale value, warranty conveys to new owners if home sold.
5) With no monthly payments, save immediately with clean power from the sun
6) Finance by using an IRA (best if over 59.5 yrs old to avoid 10% withdrawal penalty) or borrow from 401K.
7) Also fiance with a Home Equity Line of credit or borrowing against a stock portfolio.

Solar Power System Loans and Financing

1) Own your solar system for $0 down or some down payment is allowed as well
2) At the end of the loan enjoy free incremental power from the sun
3) Loans from 10, 15 and 20 years with very reasonable rates
4) Federal and Arizona state Tax credits

Lease a Solar Power System

1) All the benefits of solar with no out of pocket cost.
2) 20 year complete warranty and lease term, lease can convey to new owner if home sold.
3) Host of options to Choose from at end of lease, buy system at reduced cost or extend lease.
4) 50% saving approximately from current utility bill.
5) No tax credits
6) The majority of Solar Panels installed are by a lease agreement.

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